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Blue Crab

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Sea and Bay scallops from the USA and around the world. Read more

Whole Snapper

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Fish Fillets

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Lobster Tails

Warm water spiny lobster tails from around the world. Read more


Founded in 1993 by partners Luciano Bonaldo & Guilherme Colaferri, Netuno USA has become a major supplier of quality seafood to North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Via our Netuno offices abroad we have built strong bonds with select packers around the world, to ensure that the Netuno product you request is exactly what you get, purchase after purchase.


Our brands are well established in the market, due to our commitment to never compromise on quality . We are known mostly for our lobster tails, snapper and grouper products, however,  Netuno USA has also established itself as an industry leader in Calamari, Tilapia and many other types of seafood.


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