NETUNO announces BBB Accreditation

We are proud to announce that NETUNO is now a BBB Accredited Business. Thank you for allowing us to serve you for the last 26 years. We strive to provide the highest quality products, responsibly sourced and with the best customer service. Check out out our public profile and leave us a review!

NETUNO agrees to contract for Venezuelan spiny lobster MSC Certification pre-assessment

By Amanda Longoria, NETUNO USA

Today NETUNO’s Andre Brugger finalized the contract for a third-party pre-assessment of the Venezuelan spiny lobster fishery.

“This is a huge step toward sustainability for this fishery,” comments Brugger, who is the Sustainability, Quality, & Compliance Manager. “Once the pre-assessment is completed, we will have a better understanding of the health of the fishery.”

NETUNO, along with other stakeholders and governing authorities, have made progress toward passing all major indicators. “The results of the pre-assessment will help us determine if we have done enough or if additional changes are needed,” says Brugger. Fisheries need 28 out of 28 passing indicators to achieve the MSC certification label.

NETUNO, others exit 2020 Seafood Expo in Boston amid coronavirus concerns

By Amanda Longoria, NETUNO USA

President Luciano Bonaldo’s formal statement: “After careful deliberation and monitoring of the situation, we’ve decided not to attend the Seafood Expo in Boston this year. We would like to avoid putting our team at unnecessary risk of exposure and hope that our partners, customers, and vendors understand our position.”

NETUNO invested heavily in marketing this year to help support their new line of value-added shrimp, Sauté ‘n Serve. The product launched last year for foodservice and a retail launch is expected later this year.

They planned to use their platform in Boston to allow customers to preview the retail packaging of their products and entered the “New Product Showcase” competition. As finalists for best product for foodservice, they were expected to present their Thai Coconut Curry to judges at the show.

“We are disappointed that we will not be there to show what a great product Sauté ‘n Serve is, for both foodservice and retail. We are actively looking for other ways to demonstrate this product to potential customers and hope to be able to showcase it at other food shows later this year,” says Sales & Marketing Director, Amanda Longoria.

Other companies have also made the decision to exit the show, as reported by SeafoodSource and Undercurrent News. Since the start of the outbreak, coronavirus has affected markets, travel, and business as usual.

Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs & Fisheries strengthens commitment to TNC

By Amanda Longoria, NETUNO USA

New Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Mr. Edhy Prabowo, gave impetus to governance of snapper fisheries in Indonesia, and the Minister plans to launch an interim harvest strategy for snapper fisheries in Indonesia on March 4, 2020. The Minister plans to announce this milestone at the Boston Seafood Expo North America (March 15-17). This interim harvest strategy, the first one for snapper in Indonesia, applies to the Makassar Strait management area. Along with the harvest strategy, the Ministry is also working on a national management plan. The harvest strategy includes a proposal for a legal minimum size (see below) and control of fishing effort. It was fortunate that the Director-General of Capture Fisheries, Mr. Zulficar Mochtar, attended the launch of TNC’s FIP in August 2019, which built the Ministry’s confidence to take this fishery to the next level in terms of sustainability. The Ministry’s confidence may also have been boosted by the A-rated listing of the TNC’s national snapper FIP on NETUNO is a member of the TNC Indonesian FIP, joining the effort at launch.

$10,000 in funding for Mexican Octopus FIP secured

By Amanda Longoria, NETUNO USA

The Global Octopus Supply Roundtable, under the coordination of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership of which NETUNO is a member, donated $10,000 to the Mexico Yucatan Octopus FIP. This FIP is just 3 passing indicators shy of all 28 needed for achieving MSC certification. Local NGO COBI, which helps coordinate FIP activities on the ground, will address the lack of information about potential use of endangered crab species as bait with this donation. Helping to gather the needed information, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership hopes to address the issues required to achieve MSC certification for the species.

NETUNO to attend FIP meeting in Brazil

By Amanda Longoria, NETUNO USA

NETUNO plans to attend a meeting on March 19th in Brazil for Caribbean Red Snapper FIP. Stakeholders and fishermen will come together to discuss new certification steps, scientific discoveries, stock assessments, better ways to manage the fisheries, and enforcing regulations. They will discuss the progress made in these areas and the challenges to progressing in others. For more details on this FIP and its progress, visit