Bahamas cuts conch quota by half

NETUNO supports the Bahamas in their efforts to prevent overfishing of Queen Conch. While this will affect supply of NETUNO brand conch and conch batter, it is necessary to replenish stock, which failed to meet targets in some areas of the Bahamas, per recent studies....

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$10,000 in funding for Mexican Octopus FIP secured

The Global Octopus Supply Roundtable, under the coordination of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership of which NETUNO is a member, donated $10,000 to the Mexico Yucatan Octopus FIP. This FIP is just 3 passing indicators shy of all 28 needed for achieving MSC...

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NETUNO to attend FIP meeting in Brazil

NETUNO plans to attend a meeting on March 19th in Brazil for Caribbean Red Snapper FIP. Stakeholders and fishermen will come together to discuss new certification steps, scientific discoveries, stock assessments, better ways to manage the fisheries, and enforcing...

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The Great Race

Happy Chinese New Year! Many moons ago, the Jade emperor decided to invite all the animals in his kingdom to a Great Race. The race involved crossing a great river, which would be a great challenge to the animals. As a reward, the emperor decided that the first 12...

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Boston 2019 build-up

Ocean Beauty expands US sales team; ‘King kampachi’ to make its debut By Undercurrent News March 4, 2019 14:27 BST Undercurrent News is reporting on the build-up to Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in Boston, the largest event for the US sector, held...

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FIP for Mexican octopus gets the green light

Undercurrent News March 22, 2019 09:31 BST The long-awaited fisheries improvement project (FIP) for Mexico's Yucatan octopus is now underway after a group of Mexican producers, processors and international exporters met to sign a memorandum of understanding...

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