AKA Sand Lobster and Bulldozer Lobster/ Scyllarides deceptor hothuis
Form Frozen, Tails
Origin Brazil, Atlantic (Southwest)
Processed Beheaded and Flash Frozen at Source
Pack Individually bagged, 10lb case
Method of Capture Traps/ Wild Caught
Flavor Graph Full Flavored
Texture Graph Firm
Suggested Cooking Methods Baking Broiling Frying Grilling Sautee Soups
Seasonality Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Nov | Dec
Storage Keep Frozen at -18C or Colder Shelf Life (frozen): 24 months
Box Dimensions L 10.75" x W 15" H 4" | Ti x Hi: 10x12
Thawing Instructions Important: Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from sealed bag and defrost under refrigeration a minimum of 4-6 hours or until fully thawed. DO NOT leave soaking in water, it will affect flavor and texture of fish. Alternatively, run sealed bag under water and remove from bag immediately once thawed.
Thawed Storing Tips Keep Refrigerated, use within 24 hours for best results.

Available Sizes

Netuno Item# Size Avg. Number of Portions per Master Case Master Case Size Master GTIN Master UPC
101418 3oz 53 10lb 5748252642139 748252642134
101419 4oz 40 10lb 5748252642238 748252642233
101420 5oz 32 10lb 5748252642337 74825642332
101421 6oz 27 10lb 5748252642436 748252642431
101422 7oz 23 10lb 5748252642535 748252642530
101423 8oz 20 10lb 5748252642634 748252642639
101499 9oz 18 10lb 5748252642733 748252642738
101500 10-12oz 15 10lb 105748252642832 1748252642837

Nutritional Facts & Specifications